Why You Should Get Your Heating System Inspected by Lawson Heating and Air

Why You Should Get Your Heating System Inspected by Lawson Heating and Air 
The experts from Lawson Heating and Air have been serving South Carolina for over 30 years with reliable HVAC services and heating repair, and they have helpful insights as to why early autumn is the best time to schedule an inspection.

Three reasons why you should get your heater inspected now before the cold hits:
• Save Money: Checking the condition of your heating unit can be financially beneficial. During seasonal maintenance, Lawson Heating and Air will remove any obsolete or damaged parts, replace the filter, and clean and lubricate the machine for optimum performance. So how does this save you money? These repairs allow peak-performance and energy efficiency.
• Catch Issues Early: Imagine the first really cold night when having a heater becomes not just a comfort but a necessity— and then your unit chokes. Not having a heat is a pain, but having your system inspected and serviced by Lawson Heating and Air reduces your risk of having to bundle up indoors. After a long period of being unused, it's a good idea to make sure your unit is checked by an experienced HVAC contractor.
• Ensures Air Quality: Though you may feel like your heater is keeping your home nice and warm, other issues can arise that are less noticeable. Having good air quality year-round is important, but especially during the months when you don't have your windows open to increase circulation in your home. Give your lungs a break by having your heating and ventilation system inspected by Lawson Heating and Air and replace your filters.

Located in Campobello, South Carolina, Lawson Heating and Air provides heating system installations, scheduled maintenance, and repairs. To receive more information about their services, call (864) 472-6337 to schedule an appointment today. 

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