Tips to Reduce Your Heating Expenses in South Carolina

Tips to Reduce Your Heating Expenses in South Carolina
During the winter, you want your home to be a haven from the bitter cold, but keeping your house cozy and warm comes at a price. Fortunately, there are ways to cut down on that cost. Lawson Heating and Air, the heating and HVAC service of Spartanburg County in South Carolina, is here to share a few simple ways to reduce your heating expenses this winter.

While ceiling fans are typically considered objects that are best suited for warmer weather, you may be surprised to learn that they can be quite advantageous for the colder months, too. While the heat is on, Lawson Heating and Air recommends homeowners turn on their ceiling fans to keep the heat circulating throughout the entire room. HVAC service experts suggest that when you do this, a decent percentage of your heating bill will be cut because your unit will run more efficiently.

Lawson Heating and Air also reminds their clients to keep their window shades open during the day to let sunlight and heat into your home. If you notice a draft indoors, it may be prudent to install new weather stripping around doorways and window frames. If you live in an older house, you may also need to insulate electrical boxes. To do this, simply remove the electrical outlet cover plate and apply acrylic latex caulk to the gaps between the outlet and your wall. If you find larger gaps throughout your home around outlets, pipes, or electrical cables, fill these holes with spray foam.

If you want more advice on ways to cut down on your home's heating expenses, talk to the HVAC service experts at Lawson Heating and Air. To reach a certified heating and cooling technician, call (864) 472-6337. To learn more about the company and their HVAC services, visit their Facebook page today. They are happy to serve businesses and residents throughout Spartanburg, Inman, Lyman, Greer, Landrum, Greenville, and Boiling Springs.

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