Spartanburg's Air Conditioning Pros Offer 3 Tips for Improving Your Home's Air Quality

Spartanburg's Air Conditioning Pros Offer 3 Tips for Improving Your Home's Air Quality
Often, homeowners and residents aren't aware of the connection between air quality and their health, but poor air quality can have an enormous impact on both your environment and your health. If you're concerned about the quality of air your air conditioning system is putting out or just want to schedule an AC service, turn to the experts at Lawson Heating and Air, serving the heating and cooling needs of Spartanburg, SC.

Improving your home's air quality begins with a thorough inspection of your air conditioning unit. The licensed and insured team at Lawson Heating and Air will determine whether your unit is properly functioning, if it's low on Freon, or if it's time to replace the entire system. Whether you need repairs or complete air conditioning installation, Lawson Heating and Air will provide you with effective and efficient service.

Invisible contaminants such as chemicals, bacteria, mold, and gases, or dust mites which live on furniture fabrics and carpets, can cause poor air quality in your home. Hampered air quality can cause a number of physical symptoms, including frequent headaches, breathing problems, congestion, fatigue, and allergic reactions. 

If you suspect you have poor air quality, there are several steps you can take to begin fixing the problem while you wait for the professionals to perform an air conditioning inspection:
  • Vacuum: Regular vacuuming is a household must, but it's even more important if you suspect there's an air quality issue. Use a vacuum that has a HEPA filter, which captures irritants like dust mites, pet dander, and other debris. Clean floors and fabrics regularly, using a mop to soak up debris on hardwood or tile.
  • Dehumidify: Some of the most offensive air particles are attracted to moisture. Eliminate humidity with a dehumidifier to reduce moisture, thereby decreasing your allergy symptoms. If any plumbing issues exist within the home, repair those leaks because mold also feeds on moisture and can cause serious health issues.
  • Freshen: It's tempting to use air fresheners, but these can actually contribute to poor air quality in your home. From synthetic ingredients to aerosol packaging, these products don't compare to more natural methods of air freshening, such opening windows.
To determine if the poor air quality in your home is a result of a faulty air conditioning system that requires replacement or simply one that needs basic AC service, call Lawson Heating and Air at (864) 472-6337. 

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